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Date: 09-14-2006
Source: The NKR MFA Press-Service

On September 12, Russia said goodbye to honorary President of the Russian Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs Arkady Volsky, who died at the age of 75. The funeral took place at the Culture Center of the Factory after Lenin, where his labor career had started. There was an inscription at the coffin «The people of Russia will always remember Arkady I. Volsky». Several thousands of people participated in the civil funeral rites. Friends and colleagues, state and political figures of Russia, businessmen, ambassadors of foreign states, including Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh were among them.

The delegation of Permanent Representative Office of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic in Russian Federation placed a wreath and presented Nagorno Karabakh Republic President Arkady Ghoukassian's, Nagorno Karabakh Republic Foreign Minister George Petrossian's and Mayor of Stepanakert Eduard Aghabekian's condolences to the relatives of Volsky, the Russian Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs.

It was noted in Nagorno Karabakh Republic President's condolence letter that «Russia lost true citizen-patriot of its country, thoughtful public and state figure, brilliant organizer of manufacture and just outstanding man. In Nagorno Karabakh where every family respects Arkady Volsky, people will always remember him as a politician who sincerely tried to solve the problem of Nagorno Karabakh taking into consideration the interests and expectations of our people».

The condolence letter of Nagorno Karabakh Republic Foreign Minister Georgy Petrossian reads: «Arkady Volsky is well known in Nagorno Karabakh as a man who whole-heartedly supported the fate of the region and its people».

Almost all the speakers at the mourning meeting stressed the great contribution of A.Volsky to the noble deed of the revival of Nagorno Karabakh from the very first days of his residence on the Karabakh land. His bright political life started in Nagorno Karabakh. Film director V.Menshov noted that thanks to his great authority A. Volsky was elected a Deputy of the USSR Supreme Council from Nagorno Karabakh.

President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Businessmen A.Shokhin noted that «a legend man, a symbol man died».

The burial service was conducted in the Novodevichy Cloister of Moscow. Arkady Volsky was buried in the Novodevichy cemetery.

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