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Welcome Letter

Dear Visitor

Welcome to the website of the Office of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic in the United States! Here you will find a wide range of information about the Nagorno Karabakh Republic (also known as Artsakh) and its official representation in the United States. The Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR) established its independence in 1991 during the breakup of the former Soviet Union. Since then NKR has worked diligently to strengthen its democratic institutions and build a sound market economy. One of the youngest countries in the world, NKR is looking forward to formal international recognition of its independence.

In the Country Profile section you will find general information on Nagorno Karabakh that is helpful for research, business or travel.

Business opportunities await investors and entrepreneurs in Artsakh, a land known for its fertile soil, ecologically pure products, and skilled, intelligent people. For centuries, Artsakh has been proud of its world-famous merchants, businessmen and benefactors. Your support will help us restore that reputation. Please see the NKR Prime Minister's letter.

The Nagorno Karabakh conflict page provides factual information on the historic background, developments since 1988, current events and key issues. It also offers expert opinions, analysis and recommendations on how to advance the long overdue resolution to the conflict with Azerbaijan. An update on humanitarian needs, a direct consequence of the Azerbaijani-imposed war, is also available.

Learn about the NKR Defense Army, the main guarantor of our peace and independence. Established to defend the lives of the Nagorno Karabakh people, our freedom, our way of life and the land of Artsakh, the NKR Defense Army is also a critical component of regional stability in the South Caucasus. The NKR Minister of Defense welcomes you to our Web site!

The Foreign Policy page provides a link to the NKR Foreign Ministry for in-depth information on Nagorno Karabakh as well as developments in the region. Refer to the official position of the NKR Government on issues of great importance to the Nagorno Karabakh Republic and the region. Our Web site provides opportunities for you to join in our efforts - check out the Friends of Artsakh section and see how you can help advance these goals.

Artsakh is open to the world - we are eager to learn from you and to share our experience as well. We invite you to come and explore Artsakh, where every inch of land is rich with the ancient and recent history of a freedom-loving people. Travel information is available and provides updates on visa, transport, hotel and other relevant material.

We welcome your ideas on how we can encourage the American people to learn more, get involved and establish closer links with Nagorno Karabakh.

I hope you will find this Web site useful. Please do not hesitate to share your comments with us.


Vardan Barseghian
NKR Representative in the United States


734 15th Street, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20005
tel: (202) 481-3341, e-mail: info@nkrusa.org